Park Rental Information

The city of Vader has two parks with areas available for private rental events. Portions of the parks may be rented, but access to the other areas of the parks is always open to the general public. To see a map of the portions of the parks available for private rental, click on the file below named: Park Reservation Information.

How do I reserve a rental date, time and location? - Receipt of a completed Park Rental Application at City Hall will reserve a date and time for your event. Rental dates and times are reserved on a "first come first served basis".  All rental applications are approved by the Vader Park Board. A reserved rental time and date is secured (or locked in) after the Park Board approves the application and the Conditions of Approval document is signed and returned to City Hall.

How much does it cost to rent the park? - The park rental costs are listed in the Vader Fee Schedule.  The park fee portion of the Fee Schedule is listed in the files at the bottom of this page as Park Rules & Fees

Will the City's Insurance cover my event? - Some rental events are covered by the City's insurance but many are not. Those events that are not covered by the City's insurance will require Special Event Insurance to be provided by the party renting the space. Generally, if an event or rental is to use the park for it's typical purposes then no additional insurance is required. However, if the event or rental is for a wedding, reunion, car show, organization picnic or other organized event, then additional insurance may be required as part of the conditions of approval.

Is it possible to hold an event that includes an overnight stay? - The park rules state that there is no camping at the parks, however, for a special event it is possible to have it include overnight rental of the facility. Please contact City Hall for more information about overnight rentals.

Where can I get a Park Rental Application? - A Park Rental Application form is available at the bottom of this page or you may contact City Hall at 360-295-3222 to have one made available to you.

When do I need to have my Park Rental Application turned in? - Park Rentals are reserved on a first come first served basis, so it is best to get your application turned in to City Hall as soon as possible. However, all rentals must be approved by the Park Board which meets once a month so it is best to try to turn in your application at least 30 days before the event. Short notice rental applications (less than 30 days in advance) may be approved if additional insurance requirements are not required for the event.