Wastewater/Sewer Utility

July 2021 Update

Things are moving full steam ahead on the improvements at the Vader WWTP. After nearly a month of dredging work, more than 380 dry tons of biosolids were removed and beneficially used from the existing Vader lagoons. While this was more than originally estimated, it has had the beneficial effect of freeing up enough capacity in the 3rd lagoon that the facility is not discharging to Olequa Creek at this time. No discharge = no effluent water quality violations! We anticipate at least another week or more before discharging to the creek will begin again.

Today was another huge milestone for the project as the first of several concrete pours for structures took place. This first pour was associated with the chlorine contact chamber that will eventually disinfect the treated effluent prior to its discharge to the creek. We expect excavation and grading of the lagoon basins to happen within the next few weeks followed by the installation of the new liners in the lagoons sometime in September.