McMurphy Park - Little Falls

About McMurphy Park:

Dedicated: 2007

Size: 10.5 acres

Natural Features: Over 600 feet of Olequa Creek front shaded by natural foliage, large open grassy areas, 100 year old Black Walnut Tree.

Amenities: Barbeque pits, picnic tables, trash recepticles. Port-o-potties with wheelchair access.

Parking: Spaces are available outside of the main gate. Parking inside the park is available only in designated areas while park is open.

Animals: Dogs allowed on leash, no horses.

Park Hours: Dawn - Dusk, March thru September (depending on weather conditions).

Reservations: Contact Vader City Hall 360-295-3222

Park Rules: Park Rules & Fees

Delores McMurphy, park benefactor, watching the Boy Scouts preform a Flag Raising.

Volunteers at a McMurphy Park Chips for Trails Chipping Event

McMurphy Park's Walnut Tree. 2011

The famous "Little Falls," for which the city was once named, are found at McMurphy Park.