City Council

The City of Vader's Council consists of five part-time, nonpartisan members elected at-large to serve four year terms.  The Council's regular meetings occur on the every other Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall. Click HERE to view 2023 Schedule.

Citizens are welcome to attend all City Council meetings.  The agenda and meeting packet for regular meetings are posted on the City's website prior to each meeting as shown in the table on the right hand side of this page.  Printed copies of the agendas are also available at the meeting.

Note: Per RCW, mayor or city council members that were appointed to fill a vacancy serve until the election is certified in late November following a municipal election (odd years only). The newly elected candidate takes their seat immediately following election certification, and does not wait until the new year.

Position Council Member Elected or Appointed Term Expires

1 Janet Charlton Elected 12-31-2025

2 Jason Dailey Elected 12-31-2025

3 Randy Hall Elected 12-31-2025

4 Mike Parsons (Mayor P.T.) Elected 12-31-2023

5 Michael Ferguson Appointed 12-31-2023

Mayor Joe Schey Elected 12-31-2023