Development Regulations

Vader Development Regulations (click on the links listed below to see each section.)

Section 1  General Provisions:  Purpose, Composition, Declared Minimum, Applications, Concurrency Review, Unauthorized Use or Placement, Violation-Penalty, Temporary Uses, Liability and Sever-ability.

Section 2  Zoning/Districts:  Districts, Maps, Overlays and Interpretations, Zoning Map, Zoning Regulations, Land Use Districts, Special Districts and Interpretation of District Boundaries.

Section 3  Residential Use Districts:  Purpose, Permitted Uses, Secondary and Prohibited Uses, Minimum Requirements, Percent of Lot Coverage, Building Heights, Parking.

Section 4  Commercial/Mixed Use Districts:  Purpose, Permitted Uses, Secondary and Prohibited Uses, Parking, Special Design Standards for A Street.

Section 5  Industrial Use District:  Purpose, Permitted Uses, Secondary & Prohibited Uses, Parking, Environmental Performance Standards, Compliance Monitoring, Expansion of Existing Uses.

Section 6  Special Districts:  Intent-Rezone, Community Service District, Critical Area District, Planned Unit Development District and Permitted Dimensions.

Section 7  Manufactured Home Parks & RV Parks:  Intent, Manufactured Home Park Siting, Standards for Manufactured Home Parks and Permitted Dimensions.

Section 8  Performance Standards:  Purpose, Junk, Fences, Walls & Plants, Lighting, Public Utilities, Churches, Clubs and Quasi-public Buildings, Home Occupations and Signs.

Section 9  Supplementary Yard & Area Regulations:  Area, Access to Streets, Yard, Accessory Buildings, Through-lots and Calculations of Building Heights on Sloping Lots.

Section 10  Off Street Parking:  Required, Layout Plan, Standards & Requirements, Mixed Occupancy, Loading & Unloading and Parking Restrictions (RV & boats).

Section 11  Erosion Control:  Storm Drainage, Temporary Erosion Control, Riparian Vegetative Buffer, Grading and Landscape Quality.

Section 12  Non-Conforming Uses:  NC Land & Buildings Continuance, NC Buildings-yard & area requirements and NC Land & Buildings Limitations.

Section 13  Variances:  Authorization to Grant or Deny, Conditions for Granting, Application, Notices & Public Hearings, Review and Final Action.

Section 14  Miscellaneous:  Visibility at Intersections in Residential Zones, Habitation in RVs, Multiple Principal Structures, Street Access Required, Siting Criteria for Hazardous Waste and Other Facilities.

Section 15  Definitions

Manufactured Home regulations: Specific information for siting, size and other regulations relating to Manufactured Home placement. (2005-05 Dev Regs - Manufactured Homes)