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McMurphy Park

McMurphy Park on Annonen Road

Enjoy McMurphy Park's vast open space, with picturesque natural foliage, picnic tables in the shade, a fire pit, bbq stands and easy access to Olequa Creek. The creek has two main access points in the park. The westerly access point (at the bottom of the park) is where one can find the "Little Falls" which is the namesake of the city before it was changed to be called Vader. REMEMBER: There are no lifeguards at the water and any swimming is at your own risk. Portions of the park can be rented for private events. Please contact City Hall for more information: 360-295-3222 or

Vader's amazing parks!  
dusk for foot traffic all year around.
is allowed seasonally.


Werden Park & Old City Jail

Werden Park is located in the center of town at the corner of 6th and A Streets. It features a covered picnic area, public restrooms, swings, toys and a half size basketball court. New Barbeque pits are now available. It is located next door to the Old City Jail which is Vader's own little museum, run by volunteers who are Vader residents. The Old City Jail is currently closed for repairs. Please call City Hall: 360-295-3222 or contact us at for more information.

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