Yard Waste Disposal Site needs a new home.

posted Apr 16, 2019, 3:34 PM by Dianne Floyd
It has come to the City Council's attention that the previous location of the limb and yard waste disposal site, (next to the Sewer Treatment Facility) has been located on BNSF Railway property. BNSF is willing to let the city lease the property from them and estimates the cost to be about $4,000. The City does not have this amount in it's budget so the Council has been looking for other locations that might work. One possible location is to use the City owned property just north of the Drinking Water Treatment Facility on South Military Road. While the Water System owns the land it's facility is on, the City owns the land that is north of the facility. Council is looking into County regulations and requirements as this property is located outside the Vader city limits. 

Using this property would require the clearing of some or all of the old growth trees and installing a road with a sufficient turnaround to accomodate trucks and trailers.
It has been suggested that the funds raised by clearing the trees could be used, in part, to fund the road and possibly purchase a chipper.

Council has not made any decisions on this yet and will be continuing to discuss this and other options at upcoming City Council meetings.