Branch/Yard Waste Disposal site - CLOSED

posted Sep 21, 2018, 1:30 PM by Dianne Floyd   [ updated Sep 21, 2018, 1:33 PM ]
The brush pile at the Wastewater Treatment Plant or Sewer Plant has gotten out of control. The pile stretches over 275 feet long and is 40 feet wide in some areas (see the map depicting the size and location below). Some who have been using this free dump site set up by the Vader City Council for Vader residents, are coming from neighboring cities and counties to dump their yard waste and unfortunately their garbage (paper, plastic, boards, wire, cardboard and other  garbage). The intention of this free dump site was for Vader residents, who are not allowed to burn their ward waste, to have a place to dispose of limbs and branches that are pruned from their yards or have been blown down by seasonal storm events. In the past, the city public works personnel have been able to borrow a limb chipper from Lewis County to keep the piles under control. Recently, Lewis County announced that they have sold off their chipper and will not have it available for cities to borrow anymore.
    So not only is the dumping at the Sewer Plant location being abused but the city no longer has a free chipper to use to dispose of limbs. The city is currently looking into options to clean up and remove the current debris pile. Until the city is able to get the current pile down to a managable size and find a way to control who is using and what is being left, the branch disposal site will be closed.
    If you have any questions or ideas about this issue, please contact your City Council members or City Hall at 360-295-3222.